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Medini Pradhan: The Podcaster Dishes on the Secret Ingredients of Indian Cuisine

Tell us about you and your podcast

Your background (w/ your co-host, if any)

What is your podcast about?

Who are your listeners?

Are you looking to improve your health while also enjoying delicious meals? Look no further than I'm Your Host Medini Pradhan and founder of! As a dietitian with a passion for Indian cuisine, I've been curating recipes and blogging about culture for many years. On this show, we'll be talking all things health but with an emphasis on Indian food and spices.

I'll share my expertise as a dietitian along with my love of the cuisine to help you make healthy yet flavorful dishes that will benefit your overall well-being. We’ll discuss the nutritional benefits of ingredients like turmeric, ginger, cumin - just to name a few - so you can incorporate them into your daily meals without sacrificing taste or nutrition. In addition to being an experienced professional in this field, I am also a published author on Amazon who believes good food is essential for good health; let me show you how it's done!

So if you are an individual who is interested in incorporating Indian cuisine and spices into your diet for health benefits and flavor and are health-conscious and looking to improve your overall wellness through nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness, and are interested in learning from a dietitian and a cookbook author you are in the right spot.

So tune in now if you want to learn more about how adding flavor-packed spices can boost both the taste AND quality of your mealtime experience!

Why & how did you start this podcast?Why podcast?

Do you listen to a lot of podcasts yourself?

What were your initial goals & motivations of doing a podcast?

When did you start your podcast(s)?

How long did it take for you to release your very first episode?

Podcasts are a great way to share information and entertainment in an easily accessible format. They allow listeners to learn and be entertained while on-the-go, during commutes, or while completing other tasks. Podcasts also offer a wide variety of topics and perspectives, making it easy for listeners to find content that interests them. Yes I do have a list of podcasts I listen to :

  • "The Food Chain" - BBC radio show that explores the food industry and its impact on health and the environment.

  • "Chef's Table" - A Netflix Original Podcast that delves into the lives and kitchens of some of the world's most renowned chefs.

  • "The Sporkful" - Host Dan Pashman explores the science and culture of food through a comedic lens.

  • "Indian Food Made Easy" - Host Anjum Anand shares her passion for Indian cuisine, with a focus on healthy, easy-to-make recipes.

  • "Rasoi Podcast" - Hosts Anjali Pathak and Ria Dastidar share stories and recipes from their family kitchens, as well as interviews with notable figures in the Indian food world.

  • "The Curry Guy" - Host Dan Toombs shares his love for Indian food and shares recipes and tips for creating authentic Indian dishes at home.

  • "Spice Story" - Hosts Rupen Rao and Shivesh Bhatia explore the history, culture and ingredients of Indian cuisine, with a focus on regional specialties.

  • "Flavors of India" - Hosts Swayampurna and Shveta take a deep dive into the traditional and regional foods of India, sharing stories, recipes and tips from their kitchen.

As a podcaster, my initial goals and motivations for starting a podcast were to share my knowledge and expertise as a dietitian, along with my passion for Indian cuisine, with a wider audience. I wanted to provide a platform where I could share healthy and delicious recipes, as well as discuss the health benefits of different spices and ingredients commonly used in Indian cuisine.

I also want to educate and inspire people to incorporate more Indian cuisine and spices into their diets for both health benefits and flavor and of course lastly create a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in learning about Indian cuisine, culture and how to improve their overall wellness through nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness.

I started my podcast on January 19th, 2023.

As a podcaster, it didn't take too long for me to release my very first episode. However, I did struggle a bit with figuring out what to say in that first episode as there were so many wonderful things that I wanted to share. I wanted to make sure that I covered the most important and relevant information while also providing an engaging and interesting introduction to the show. It took me some time to organize my thoughts and decide on the best way to introduce myself and the show's concept to the audience. But once I had a clear plan and a rough script, it took me only a few days to record, edit, and release the episode.

How'd you find the time and funding to do this podcast?

How often do you release an episode? How long does it take for you to produce an episode?

How'd you find time to do podcast if you have a day job?

How much do you spend for podcasting (e.g., hosting, editing, marketing...)?

Do you fund this podcast yourself?

As a podcaster, my passion for Indian cuisine and culture is what drives me to make the time to produce my podcast. Even though I have a day job, I find time to work on the podcast on weekends and evenings. I believe that the knowledge and information I share on my podcast is valuable and worth the time and effort.

I release new episodes on a weekly basis, this allows me to provide regular and timely content to my audience. Each episode takes me about half a day to produce, as I spend time researching, writing, recording, and editing the content.

In terms of funding, I currently fund the podcast myself. However, I am actively seeking out like-minded businesses who share the same values and goals as I do, in order to help bring this podcast to a larger audience. I believe that my podcast aligns with the values and goals of many health-conscious and wellness-focused businesses, and I hope to find partners who can help me expand my reach and share my message with even more people. I keep the expenses low by having a wonderful audience on social media,

However, I do spend some on hosting, editing, and marketing. This includes costs associated with equipment, software, and other production expenses. My first attempt and episode was produced just by using my iPhone. Although I do believe that investing in high-quality equipment and software is important in order to provide the best possible listening experience for my audience. I have since then bought a nice Bluetooth mic.

How does your podcasting process look like?

What tools/services (hardware, software, audio editing...) do you use?

How do you find guests to interview?

How do you prepare each episode?

Do you interview your guests in person or via Skype/phone/Zoom?

As a podcaster, my podcasting process involves writing, editing, and recording. I usually start by writing a script and then recording it. Once I have a rough recording, I listen to it and make any necessary edits. I will then re-record the episode to ensure that it is of high quality. I repeat this process until I am satisfied with the final product.

I use a MacBook Pro, iPhone, and AnchorFM, a Spotify podcasting platform, which has everything built-in for making podcasts. It provides all the necessary tools for recording, editing, and publishing my episodes.

I find guests to interview by leveraging my connections in the food industry. I have been in the food industry for a very long time, and I have a lot of friends who are chefs and cookbook authors. I reach out to them and ask them to come on the show to discuss their expertise and share their knowledge with my audience.

In terms of preparing each episode, I have a list of 200 topics that I have blogged about over the past 20 years, so it's easy for me to choose a topic and prepare for the episode. I research and gather all the necessary information and then write a script.

I interview my guests via phone or Zoom, this way it is more convenient for both me and the guests and we can record the conversation easily. This also makes it easier for me to edit the conversation and make it sound more seamless.

How do you market your show?

How do your listeners find your show (e.g., iTunes, Google, Twitter, ...)?

Do you have a breakdown of listener acquisition sources (e.g., 60% from iTunes)?

What marketing channels (e.g., email, social, ...) do you find most useful?

As a podcaster, I market my show primarily through social media platforms. I use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram to promote my episodes and share information about the show. I also have a website for the show where I post the episodes and share additional information about the show and upcoming episodes.

Listeners can find my show on a variety of platforms, including iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. I have the RSS feed added on the top podcasting platforms to make it easy for listeners to find and subscribe to the show.

Yes, in the short time that it has aired, here is the breakdown, Spotify 28.6%, Web Browser 19%, Apple Podcasts 19%, Anchor 9.5%, Audible 9.5%, Overcast 4.8% and Other 9.5% Spotify is the main platform where I get the most listeners followed by web browsers, apple podcasts, Anchor and other podcasting platforms.

In terms of marketing channels, I find email and social media to be the most useful. I use email to send out updates and information about the show to my subscribers, and I use social media to reach a larger audience and promote my episodes. I also share this on my blog called "The Writer In Me" on LinkedIn.

What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters?

Things you've learned on your journey that weren't obvious beforehand

Helpful podcasting resources? e.g. blogs, books, videos, podcasts...

As a podcaster, I would advise new podcasters to first define their purpose and goals for their podcast. This will help them to stay focused and stay on track.

Another piece of advice I would give is to be consistent with releasing new episodes. This will help to build a dedicated audience and keep them engaged.

I would also advise new podcasters to invest in good quality equipment for recording and editing. It's important to have good sound quality for your listeners.

Another thing that I've learned on my journey that wasn't obvious beforehand is the importance of networking and building relationships. I've found that connecting with other podcasters, industry experts, and listeners has been invaluable in terms of growing my audience and finding guests for my show.

In terms of helpful podcasting resources, there are many blogs, books, videos, and podcasts that can provide valuable information and inspiration for new podcasters. Some resources that I've found particularly helpful that I have saved for myself include:

Podcast Movement (podcasting conference)

Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income (podcast and blog)

Podcast Answerman by Dave Jackson

Podcasting Pro Course by John Lee Dumas

Podcast Launch by John Lee Dumas

Podcasting Pro course by Paul Colligan

These are great resources for learning about the technical aspects of podcasting, as well as for gaining insights into how to grow and promote your podcast. I would recommend new podcasters to check out these resources and see what resonates with them. Additionally, networking with other podcasters, attending podcasting conferences, and joining podcasting communities can also be extremely beneficial in learning more about podcasting and getting support and feedback on your own podcast.

Where can we learn more about you & your podcasts?

Links to your personal/business blog, website, social accounts, email, Patreon, PayPal donate link...

Thank you for reading my interview! It was so lovely sharing my journey as a new podcaster with you. If you enjoyed the show and want to support my efforts, you can do so by visiting my website and making a donation through PayPal. Also, I invite you to connect with me on various platforms such as my podcast, website, Indian cuisine & culture website, Amazon Author page, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms. I would love to hear from you and keep in touch. Thank you again for your support!

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